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Man wearing mask loading fire truck


UCLA Fire (FDID 19945), is a California state fire agency pursuant to Health and Safety Code § 13146, with authority over all UCLA-owned and -occupied interests, both on and off campus. Its Sworn Peace Officers respond to calls for emergency service, mitigate threats/hazards to the University, prepare the public to manage emergencies, partner with stakeholders to respond and recover from emergencies and disasters, investigate fire and explosion incidents, and enforce California building and fire codes.

Meet the Team

Fire Chief - Fire Marshal Ricardo Barboza

Assistant Fire Marshal - VACANT

Assistant Fire Marshal - Captain Joel Aplin

Assistant Fire Marshal - Captain Jamie Ellazar

Deputy Fire Marshal I - Mark Silvestre

Deputy Fire Marshal I - Edwin Lopez

Deputy Fire Marshal II - Glen Gibson

Our Primary Services

911 Emergency Response
Arson/Fire/Explosion Investigations

Laboratory Emergency Response, Fire and Life Safety
BSL-3 High Containment Laboratory Operations Group
California Code of Regulations Project Review and Inspections
Code Analysis, Interpretation and Application
Fire Administration and Strategic Planning
Fire Extinguisher Training
Hazardous Materials Laboratory Fire and Life Safety
Hazardous Materials Technician and Specialist-Level Emergency Response
Operations, Specialized and Fire Prevention Training
Peace Officer Background Investigations and Internal Affairs
Pre-incident Planning
Rescue Task Force Emergency Operations

Special Events, State Mandated Fire Drills and Public Education

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