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Plan Review

The following is a representative sequence of events for a submittal:

  1. Plans are delivered to and received by UCLA Fire.
  2. Comments/corrections are noted to the plans, and they are returned to the submitter. This set of plans becomes the “Check Set.”
  3. Submitter responds, injects and/or corrects plans which now creates a “Back Check” set of plans, and re-submits these, along with the original “Check Set” to UCLA Fire.
  4. “Back Check” plans are reviewed again by UCLA Fire, and this process of review and back check re-submittal may be repeated more than once until all discrepancies are addressed and/or eliminated to create a set of plans for “Final Approval” review.
  5. Plans that reach a “Final Approval” status are then stamped as such by UCLA Fire staff, at which time the project may move forward

General Items Required