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For Students, Staff and Faculty

Temporary Use Permit: Please give 2 weeks minimum for processing permit. Plan accordingly.

Permits provide UCLA Fire with information on what, where, when and how an event will take place and allow the fire official to review and approve devices, safeguards and procedures that may be needed to assure a safe event. The California Fire Code requires the issuance of a Fire Permit prior to engaging in any of the following:

What needs a temporary permit?

  • Event occupying a fire lane
  • Candles and open flames in assembly areas
  • Carnivals and fairs
  • Compressed gases storage or use
  • Filming for motion pictures and television
  • Liquid- or gas-fueled vehicles or equipment in assembly buildings
  • Parade floats
  • Operation of a public assembly
  • Pyrotechnic special effects
  • Tents, canopies or membrane structures

Information on Temporary Food Permits


Step 1: Speak with Your Advisor

Registered Campus Organizations (RCO)

All RCO’s have a Student Organizations, Leadership & Engagement advisor.
Your SOLE advisor will approve and advise how to most successfully plan your event. To get started, visit


Please contact your department administration/advisor for approval. If your event is preparing and serving food to the general public (individuals unaffiliated with your department), please continue on to STEP 2.

Recreational Sports (Rec)

Please contact your Recreational Sports advisor for approval. If your event is preparing and serving food to the general public (individuals unaffiliated with your department), please continue on to STEP 2.

Step 2: Obtain Venue Diagram

Speak with your SOLE Advisor regarding venue diagram.  Based on area, please consider General Policies and Restrictions.

If your organization is serving food at the event, please follow the instructions HERE to obtain a Temporary Food Permit.

Step 3: Bring All Information During Office Hours

UCLA Fire Department Temporary Permit Office Hours

Wednesdays 12:30pm-2:30pm

Strathmore Building, 4th Floor
501 Westwood Plaza
Los Angeles, CA 90034

Remember all items must be known and with you prior to coming to UCLA Fire Department's Office Hours.
UCLA Fire conducts periodic fire inspections at each film shoot to ensure adherence to safety regulations. A standby Deputy Fire Marshal is typically assigned to film shoots using pyrotechnic, flame, or smoke special effects, productions involving stunts, productions where tents are erected having an occupant load of 500 or more, productions where generators, lights or other filming equipment present a fire hazard, or productions which obstruct exits or other fire protection equipment. The California State Fire Marshal Film Industry Unit publishes the fire protection handbook "Filming in California," and is an excellent resource for anyone involved in filming or in safety at film shoots. To obtain a copy of this handbook contact the CSFM Film Industry Unit Coordinator at (626) 960-6441.