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Fire Protection

All items required


  • Inspection of piping
  • Inspection of thrust blocks
  • Witness hydrostatic pressure test
  • Witness flush


  • Inspect piping
  • Inspect hangers
  • Inspect sway bracing
  • Witness hydrostatic pressure test


  • Test flow switches
  • Test tamper switches
  • Test interconnection to alarm system
  • Witness flow test at rooftop (standpipe)
  • Witness fire pump test
  • Witness pop-off test (kitchen hood systems)
  • Witness concentration test (clean agent)

Fire Alarm Systems

  • Rough inspection
  • Pre-test in the presence of the electrical inspector
  • Duct detector pressure differential test
  • Indicating device audibility test
  • 100% final acceptance test

Fire Assemblies

  • Inspect labels on all fire assemblies (doors, windows, dampers, etc.)
  • Inspect installation of fire assemblies
  • Test automatic closing device
  • Mechanical inspector drop-tests 100% of dampers
  • Fire inspector drop-tests 100% of 2-hour and 10% of 1-hour dampers
  • Fire doors must self-close and latch after gaskets have been installed

Emergency Generators

  • Inspect load bank test results
  • Witness power outage simulation test
  • Inspect all components, equipment, fixtures, etc.


  • Inspect hoistway
  • Inspect and test hoistway vent
  • Witness firefighter recall, Phases I and II
  • Test emergency communications system

Occupancy and Final Inspection

  • Fire Extinguishers in place
  • Emergency Plan posted
  • Exits clear and unobstructed
  • Issuance of Certificate of Occupancy