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Title 24 Construction Inspection Sequence

The California Building Standards Code in CCR Title 24 is published by the California Building Standards Commission and it applies to all building occupancies (see Health and Safety Code Section 18908 and 18938) throughout the State of California.

The provisions of the California Building Standards Code in Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations, includes requirements for the design and construction of a building’s structural, plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems, fire and life safety, energy conservation, green standards, and accessibility. Thus, CCR Title 24 is organized into separate parts. Each part is numbered and given a separate name reflecting its subject. Some parts are based on selected model codes. The Parts and their names are:

Part 1, California Building Standards Administrative Code

Part 2, Volume 1 and 2, named the California Building Code, based on the International Building Code;

Part 2.5, named the California Residential Code based on the International Residential Code;

Part 3, named the California Electrical Code based on theNational Electrical Code;

Part 4, named the California Mechanical Code based on the Uniform Mechanical Code;

Part 5, named the California Plumbing Code based on the Uniform Plumbing Code;

Part 6, named the California Energy Code;

Part 7, currently vacant

Part 8, named the State Historical Building Code;

Part 9, named the California Fire Code based on the International Fire Code;

Part 10, named the California Existing Building Code based on provisions from the International Existing Building Code;

Part 11, named the California Green Building Standards Code, and is also called the CALGreen Code;

Part 12, named the California Reference Standards Code. The twelve parts of CCR Title 24 are included in eleven binders.