UC Chemicals Tutorials

The UC Chemicals Tutorials Series found on this page are the introduction tutorial series created specifically for UCLA Lab Members to facilitate the change to UC Chemicals the week of September 17, 2018.  Every week EH&S will release new tutorials working up to the switch to the new system.

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  • Delete an Inventory
  • If you’ve tested UC Chemicals (i.e. created a partial inventory) but don’t plan on uploading your complete inventory by September 17th, you will need to delete the inventory prior to the auto-migration.

    The PI or Inventory Manager must follow these steps to accomplish this:

    1. Login to https://ehs.ucop.edu/chemicals

    2. Click Inventory Summary

    3. To the right of ‘Inventory Overview’ will be three vertical dots – click these to bring up another menu

    4. Select Remove Containers By Location from the menu

    5. Click Remove Containers for the location with the containers you wish to bulk delete

    6. Enter the number of containers in that location as a confirmation step and click Confirm

    7. You should see the container count for that location change to zero

    8/ Repeat steps 5-6 for each location until no containers remain in the inventory

    9. Email chemicalinventory@ehs.ucla.edu with ‘[Name of inventory] ready for deletion’ in the subject line

    10. We will delete your inventory and send you a confirmation email when completed

    11. Keep using the CIS and wait for the auto-migration to UC Chemicals in September

  • User needs to be removed or added to a new group

  • Previous PI must remove you from their group using method:

    1. Click this link: https://ehs.ucop.edu/profile/

    2. Click the Groups tab

    3. Under People, find the name of the person to remove and click the three horizontal dots to the right

    4. Select remove person

    5. That person will no longer be attached to your group

    Current PI must add you as a member of their group using method:

    1. Click this link: https://ehs.ucop.edu/profile/

    2. Click the Groups tab

    3. Under People, search for the name of the person to add

    4. When selected this person’s name and email address will appear below

    5. Members of the group can be assigned as delegates*, removed as delegates*, or removed as members by clicking the three horizontal dots to the right

    * A delegate will have the ability to manage the inventory and group at a level similar to that of the PI.

  • Create a New Group and Set Location

  • Create Multiple Groups & Multiple Inventories
  • Create an Inventory & Adding a Lab Manager
  • Adding Sublocation
  • Add a Chemical
  • Importing Inventory

  • Inventory Template
  • Reconcile Errors from Import

  • Import Template

    Error Example
  • Transfer Chemicals