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Documents Library

EH&S Documents library links all guides, factsheets, SOPs, JSAs and other documents that can be used to supplement training materials, as safety meeting hand-outs, and as resources when conducting new work activities. Provides valuable information on a variety of topics, including lab and chemical safety, worker safety and pest control.

Controlled Substances Documents & Resources

A full list of resources related to the controlled substances program (CSP) at UCLA.

Field Research Resources & Information

Factsheets to assist with common obstacles while in the field.

Safety & Compliance Documents

General and occupational documents for UCLA can be found here. These documents include those used for shop safety and arts programs.

Laser & Photobiological Documents

Laser and photobiological safety documents and forms.

EH&S Factsheets

Environment, Health & Safety Factsheets cover all areas of safety for UCLA. Factsheets are available for download and should be used as guidelines in assisting with specific safety concerns. For more in-depth rules, guides and how-to's please go to the specific specialty page.

Radiation Documents & Forms

All radiation safety documents and forms are found here.

Biosafety Documents & Forms

All documents and forms for biological safety at UCLA will be found on this page.

Lab Documents & Forms

Laboratory and chemical safety-related documents are found here.

Environmental Compliance