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Chemical Inventory at UCLA

UC Chemicals Login

UC Chemicals Guidelines

Please email with any questions.

For troubleshooting or reports of issue, please contact or by calling 530-638-DESK (3375).

UC Chemicals is available on both mobile (iTunesandGoogle Play) and desktop platforms. You can access the system from a desktop by clicking the following link:

If you have access to the Manage Inventory function in UC Chemicals, you can upload your items to UC Chemicals in bulk by using a Microsoft Excel template.

-Import section will allow you to upload your inventory all at once.
Please be aware that Building, Room, and Sublocation fields must exactly match what you see in UC Chemicals under Sublocations. (see screenshot here)

For example, the Sublocation ‘STRATHMORE BUILDING - 410’ must appear exactly like that in the excel file – no lower case letters.
Additional Fields: Building = ‘STRATHMORE BUILDING’; Room = ‘410’.

We suggest copying and pasting this location information directly from UC Chemicals.

Lack of a delete function is a known issue.

Currently there is no way to delete the copies, but what you are able to do is remove all but one of the associations between your lab group and the inventories. That should make it so that members of your group only see one inventory when they login to UC Chemicals.

Follow these steps to accomplish this:

1. Log in to

2. Click Manage Inventory

3. Scroll down to ‘Inventory Access’ and click the three vertical dots to bring up another menu

4. Select Add/Remove Groups from the menu

5. Uncheck your group to disconnect it from the inventory

6. Click Done

7. The next time you login you should see one less inventory; repeat until only one is visible, then add your chemicals to the correct inventory

Afterward, please report this issue and/or your disconnected inventories to or by calling 530-638-DESK (3375).

PI and delegate access only

In order to begin adding chemicals, first create a sublocation from the Manage Inventory section of UC Chemicals using the following method:

1. Find the section that says Sublocations and click the ‘+’ button on the right side of the screen

2. Click the drop down for Building/Room and select the room you want

3. Enter a name for the sublocation (for example, ‘Flammables Cabinet’)

4. Confirm the correct temperature and pressure

5. Click Save

6. Now you should have a location available when you add your chemical containers