Navigating Worksafe

If you are currently experiencing Worksafe login issues, please try clearing your cache or browser history before logging in. If the issue persists, please fully complete an Ask a Question form and select 'Worksafe Technical Support' as your topic. Thank you! 
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EH&S offers both classroom and online training for the UCLA community, available through Worksafe, our online learning center. 

The Worksafe online learning management system requires a UCLA Log-on ID, or a temporary UCLA Log-on ID containing 12 characters or fewer, to login to the system using SSO (Single Sign-On) authentication. If you do not have a UCLA Log-on ID, you may create one here.

If you receive an error with logging in, please check that you have correctly entered your credentials correctly, and/or your Log-on ID is less than 12 characters.

If your error persists, please fill out the Ask a Question form and include your UCLA ID # and your UCLA Log-on ID.


Upon logging into the system, you will have an overview of different tiles. We recommend looking at the associated resources found by hovering over the

“Getting Started” tile.

The Course Search menu tab will allow you to browse courses across all categories. You may also use the white search bar to locate a course using keywords, course title, or the course ID. For more guidance regarding safety training requirements, please see the Safety Training Requirements for Research Matrix

Clicking on a course tile will allow you to view information regarding the course such as the course description, duration, course documents, and/or available sessions for classroom courses. Enrolling in a classroom course is simple: locate a session that works for you and click on "Enroll" to finalize your registration. Online courses are taken by pressing the "Launch" button. If you are retaking an online course, you will have the option to review or retake. Please note that if you choose to review the course, you will not receive credit for your completion.

Often, your desired course will have certain prerequisites associated that must be completed before the system will permit you to continue enrolling in the course. The prerequisites will be linked on the screen. For more information regarding course frequencies and prerequisites, please see the EH&S Courses and Prerequisites Guide.

You may obtain certifications of training via Worksafe by navigating to the "My Transcript" tile on your Dashboard for a listing of your completed training.

For more guidance on Worksafe, please see these Help guides.

Using Current Browsers

EH&S recommends the use of Google Chrome or Firefox for best results with viewing content and launching online modules. Be sure to de-activate pop-up blockers prior to launching an online course. Full Instructions Here.

If you encounter a freeze within the module, take note of your progress, and please fill out the Ask a Question form to receive assistance from the Training team. You can also attempt to re-launch the module to see if the issue resolves. We recommend finishing the module in one sitting to avoid any errors in resuming where you last left off.

Often, online modules will contain an “exit course” button at the end which will ultimately report your completion status back to the learner management system. If you have completed an online course but don’t see your status showing as complete, please ensure that you have clicked through the entirety of the module. If the problem persists, please take a screen capture of the final slide of the online course and submit to the Training team, along with your UCLA ID #.