UCLA Emergency PPE Supply Store

Welcome to the UCLA Emergency PPE Supply Store

The UCLA Emergency PPE Supply Store operates in collaboration with the Campus Procurement Office, Facilities Management (FM), and UCLA Mail, Document & Distribution Services. Due to COVID-19-related supply shortages being experienced globally, EH&S is working to ensure that PPE supply chains are sufficient for the ramp-up of campus operations. Store staff procure personal protective equipment in bulk from suppliers as it is made available to the Campus Procurement Office, managing inventory, and making items available for purchase by all departments on campus.

UCLA COVID- Task Force related items 
Rapid Antigen Test and Mask Distribution 

The UCLA Rapid Antigen and Mask Distribution operations is a separate program from the UCLA Emergency PPE Supply Store, if you have questions or comment for these orders please email: Ppe@ts.UCLA.edu

UCLA Rapid Antigen Test and Mask Distribution Page

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