Controlled Substance Program for Research

The UCLA Controlled Substance Program for Research


  • What is a Controlled Substances?
  • A controlled substance is generally a drug or chemical whose manufacture, possession, or use is regulated by a government, such as illicitly used drugs or prescription medications that are designated by law. 

    DEA- Controlled Substance List
  • How to Get Started:
  • The DEA has place a hold on any additions to existing department DEA registrations throughout the UC campuses. We are working with the Office of the President to address this issue. 

    In order to meet the needs of your research we recommend that you apply for an Individual DEA Researcher Registration at this time. Please visit our webpage: Individual DEA Registrations

    If you have any questions or need assistance please email:
  • Storage Location Requirements:
  • PIs are responsible for providing and maintaining secure controlled substance storage.
    See the Controlled Substances Storage Location Requirements handout.

    Items available for purchase:

    - Hasp lock and carriage bolts $ 21.53

    - Hasp Lock Installation Information 

    To get your storage location approved and verified or to develop a storage plan schedule a consultation with us.

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  • Ordering and Vendors:
  • How to Place an Order

  • Updating your CSUA:
  • Submit are request for Modification:

    CSUA Modification Request

    Maintaining the most up to date information on your Controlled Substance Use Authorization (CSUA) is essential to ensure that we have continued approval from the DEA. Information that would need to be reported are:

    Protocol additions or removals- protocols are the means by which we are able to justify use of material and are a required document.

    Material additions or removals- each CSUA is approved for specific material and annual usage amounts. Material not listed on an CSUA and request for amount over the approved annual usage will not be fulfilled with out a justification and CSUA amendment.

    Storage locations changes-  each storage location is approved for security provisions by the DEA. Relocation or modification to storage location must be approved before use.
    Personnel Changes

    it is important to be able to identify who are the individuals that have access to controlled substances. 

          -  Complete and submit Personnel Screening Data Sheets (PSDS) for each user

          -  Complete the Controlled Substance Training in WORKSAFE
          PSDS Submission Options 

             - Email signed copy to 
  • Waste and Returning Materials
  • The Controlled Substance Program manages material from receipt to disposal. All controlled substances received through the program must be returned if expired or material will not longer be in use.

    Visit our Controlled Substance web page for more information.
  • About Our Program