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Precursors, List 1 and 2 Chemicals

Precursors, List 1 and List 2 Chemicals 

Although you do not need a DEA license to procure these material they are still regulated and require additional approval processes.

There are substances which are known to be used in the illegal manufacturing of illicit drugs or controlled substances as a result the sale and distribution of these is regulated.

Some of these chemicals are designated within theControlled Substance Act and are identified as List 1 or List 2 substances. The U.S. Attorney General can modify these lists as the illegal manufacturing practices change. It is the role of the Drug Enforcement Administration to publish are enforce these lists.
You can look to see if the substance you are interested in purchasing is a regulated material at the following links. Please note these list are update a least annually and are subject to change.

-   List 1 and List 2

California Precursors
Suppliers of these substances are subject to regulations and control measures.

As a purchaser you are considered an "end user" and are not subject to these regulations unless you plan to manufacture, supply or distribute these materials. Suppliers may request additional information from you such as a letter of intent or may be required to hold you material for a certain time frame before shipping. 

In California you are required to have an importer permit (for each individual substances) the material is sent from an out of state distribution center. As a result we recommend that you purchase from an instate supplier such asSpectrum Chemicals.

You can purchase these regulated chemicals from an instate supplier such as Spectrum Chemicals

1. Place your order in Bruinbuy Plus selecting a Non-Catalog Form requisitions. You will need to select "controlled substances"  in the "Form Fields - Goods Questions". You will need to attach the two forms listed below to the requisition. 

2. Complete- Compliance paper work required by spectrum chemicals, upon placing order spectrum chemical compliance office may reach out to you for the following for each chemical :

          -  Spectrum QAF481 Form (Instructions for how to complete)
          -  Letter of Intended Use (Template for UCLA) please send a copy to
          -  Copy of Principal Investigators drivers license 

3. Register with the Controlled Substance Program If you purchase precursor chemicals (List I & List II):


4. Once your order is submitted EH&S will approve your requisition in Bruinbuy Plus. 

If you desire to purchase regulated substances from a supplier out side of the state of California you may do so by applying for a permit from the Controlled Chemical Substance Program (CCSP). 

You can submit you inquires to:

Contact Information:

    Department Of Justice, Bureau of Investigation
    Controlled Chemical Substance Program (CCSP)
    4949 Broadway Suite E-119
    Sacramento, California 95820

        Phone: (916) 210-4313
        E Fax: (916) 731-2131
        Email Address:

The indicated permit can be used both within and outside of the state of California once granted.

You are required to acquire a precursor chemical permit for each precursor chemical to be used and there is a fee per permit. 

What records should you maintain and for how long?

       Procurement records (2 years):

         - purchase order
         - receipt document (i.e. packing slip)
         - copies of letter if intent or other compliance documents requested by supplier

     Inventory records- you should be able to demonstrate when the material was received, when it was discarded or when it was used.  

Who is responsible for the records?

Principal Investigators are responsible for:
             - ensuring the maintenance of appropriate records
             - reporting any unusual or excessive loss or disappearance of a listed chemical to the Controlled Substance Program 

Users are responsible for:
            - ensuring that the material is used as indicated in the letter of intent, material can not be transferred to another lab.

            - reporting any unusual or excessive loss or disappearance of a listed chemical to their PI and/or the Controlled Substance Program 

Once the precursor chemical is received by the lab "end user" it can not be distributed/transferred to another group for use. If material is transferred the lab is no longer considered an end user and is subject to regulations associated with regulated persons such as manufactures.

Precursors, List 1 and List 2 chemicals must be used for the project or experiment as listed on the letter of intent. They can not be transferred to another lab or shared. Usage of these chemicals should be logged to show use. 

Waste or Excess Material

Waste can be tagged and disposed of as chemical waste through routine pick-up for disposal.

Excess Material- for any excess material no longer needed by a lab submit this material as waste to the chemical waste routine pick up for disposal. Unfortunately, these materials can not be transferred or share with other labs. 

Log the date of disposal of material on your logs include the Wast-E tag number for reference to be able to track final disposal.