Training Overview

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About Us

EHS Training is tasked with developing well-designed, educationally sound instructor-led and e-learning courses which can be customized to meet the specific needs of its university customers.

UCLA EH&S provides the tools and support to create, deliver and track health, safety and environmental training
for faculty, staff and students on the UCLA campus.

Need training?

Determine the scope of your need by first speaking with your supervisor about the hazards you
encounter in your work. The research safety training matrix can provide guidance. 

Accessing Worksafe

EH&S offers both classroom and online training for the UCLA community, available through 
Worksafe, our online learning management system (LMS).

Although the Worksafe LMS requires a UCLA Logon ID to access the system, it is possible for university employees to complete training using temporary access while waiting on your 9-digit UCLA ID number. Follow the steps provided in this guide.

Navigating Worksafe

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