Training Program FAQ

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  • How do I find out what training I need?
  • Training related to specific work, department and or job tasks may be required. Follow the steps below to determine what training you need:

    -View the Research Safety Training matrix to determine what is generally required for job tasks.
    -Consult with your supervisor for other required training.

  • How do I register for training?

  • You may register for a training class via Worksafe.

    Worksafe requires a UCLA Logon ID, or a temporary UCLA Logon ID (containing up to 12 characters) in order to login to the system with SSO (Single Sign-On) authentication. If you do not have a UCLA Logon ID, you may create one here. Your UCLA LogonID is used to access most of UCLA’s enterprise applications, as well as Bruin Online services, campus VPN and wireless. 

  • Who has access to Worksafe?

  • Although the Worksafe online Learning Management System (LMS) requires a UCLA Logon ID to access the system, it is possible for anyone to complete training using temporary access while waiting on your 9-digit UCLA ID number. Follow the steps in this guide.

  • How do I schedule a department-specific training for my group?

  • EH&S strongly encourages participation in our regularly-schedule training, but also recognizes that some campus programs may require special sessions. If you have a group of 25 or more people requiring training, contact the EH&S Training program manager for assistance, or call the EH&S training line at X41899. 

  • Where will my training take place?

  • Our classes are held in various buildings around campus. If you are unfamiliar with the location, review the Training Locations (PDF) or look up the building on the UCLA Interactive Campus Map.

  • Can summer students, volunteers, visiting researchers and faculty have access to Worksafe?

  • Yes, please see the question labeled Who has access to Worksafe for more information.


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