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Radiation Safety Training Courses

    Radiation Safety Training Courses

    Research: Worksafe – RAM, Diff/Fluor X-Ray, LINAC, Cabinet x-ray, Refreshers, etc.
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    Individuals who directly handle radioactive material or radiation-producing machines are referred to as occupational radiation workers and are required to complete radiation safety training. EH&S provides initial radiation safety training courses that introduce basic radiation safety principles, techniques, and requirements along with supplemental documents containing relevant safety and compliance information. Users of radioactive materials will be required to take the online course, then attend a classroom session. Only those who successfully complete both parts will be permitted to work with radioactive material. Users of radiation-producing machines will be required to take the online course,. Only those who successfully pass the course will be permitted to work with radiation-producing machines.

    Please first Log-in to Worksafe, the EHS learning management system. Then use the links below to directly access the Course page in the system.

    Step 1: Login to Worksafe

    First time users please read how to navigate Worksafe, otherwise click the action button below:
    Go to Worksafe​​​​​​


    Step 2: Find the Course Page links for direct access

    Note: Course IDs ending in '-OL' are self-paced, online e-learning modules.

    1) Complete the online course, Radiation Safety for Users of Radioactive Materials - Online. Course code: RAD-RAM1-OL.

    2) Attend the classroom training session, Radiation Safety for Materials Users – In-Class. Course code: RAD-RAM2.

    Radiation Safety For Users of Radioactive Materials- see below for Course Page links:

    Initial Training - Worksafe Course ID: RAD-RAM1-OL
    Instructor-led Training - Worksafe Course ID: RAD-RAM2
    This learning track is designed to educate personnel on proper work procedures and safety guidelines for work with radioisotopes in a research or clinical environment. Participants first pass an online course, then attend a classroom session presented by EH&S Radiation Safety staff. Both must be taken by first-time radiation workers. At a minimum, refresher training is required annually and as needed.

    For annual refresher training, please complete one of the five online refresher training modules.

    Annual Refresher trainings- see below for Course Page links:

    Dosimetry Refresher Training - Worksafe Course ID: RAD-DOS-OR 
    Radiation Instrumentation - Worksafe Course ID: RAD-INS-OR 
    Minimizing Contamination - Worksafe Course ID: RAD-MC-OR
    Radiation Refresher Training: Sealed Sources - Worksafe Course ID: RAD-SS-OR
    Radiation Safety Annual Refresher: Waste Management - Worksafe Course ID: RAD-WM-OR

    Minimum Frequency: Annual

    Radiation Safety For Users of Radiation-Producing Machines- see below for Course Page links:

    Initial training - Worksafe Course ID: RAD-RPM-OL - Must be taken by first-time x-ray users.
    Annual refresher training - Worksafe Course ID: RAD-XRAY-OR-V2 - This course is designed as an annual refresher to educate personnel on proper work procedures and safety guidelines for work with X-ray diffraction and Fluorescence Analysis units. 

    Linear accelerator and cabinet x-ray users should contact Radiation Safety for training and examination materials prior to using the equipment.

    Minimum Frequency: Annual

    NOTE: This refresher course is not required for irradiator users, instead, see below for device-specific irradiator training.

    > Annual Refresher Training for X-Ray Users - Worksafe Course ID: RAD-XRAY-OR-V2

    Minimum Frequency: Annual

    Radiation Safety For Users of X-RAY Irradiators- see below for device-specific Course Page links:

    X-RAY IRRADIATOR RS-3400 TRAINING - Worksafe Course ID: RAD-IRR-RS3400-OL
    > RS-2000 Irradiator Training - Worksafe Course ID: RAD-RS2000-OL
    > X-Rad 320 Irradiator Training - Worksafe Course ID: RAD-XRAD320-OL

    Minimum Frequency: Triennial

    > DOT Training for Radioactive Materials - Worksafe Course ID: RAD-RAM-DOT

    This course is designed to provide DOT training for personnel involved in the shipping and receiving process of radioactive material.

    Minimum Frequency: Triennial

    > Cyclotron Operator Refresher Training - Worksafe Course ID: RAD-CYC-OL

    This online module meets the retraining requirements for users of a cyclotron machine. Course topics include regulations and policies, radiation hazards, radiation detection, dosimetry, unwanted radiation, general safety and record-keeping.

    Minimum Frequency: Triennial

    > Shipping of Radiological Materials Training - Worksafe Course ID: RAD-SHIP-OL

    This online course outlines Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements for the shipping of radiological materials. Proper classification of radiological materials, selection of packaging supplies, labeling and marking of packages and document package shipment and receipt are included.