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How Can We Help?

An overview of services offered by EH&S


Getting Started at UCLA

EH&S will make sure that your set-up is properly started while here at UCLA. Contact the proper group for your new space at UCLA.



EH&S handles and carries out inspections of all locations affiliated with UCLA. Please choose which specialty informaion you need.



EH&S offers training across UCLA campus through Worksafe.




Special Permit

For Special event permitting and food permitting on campus and UCLA affiliated locations.




Consultations offered by EH&S are done by request only. If unsure of who to contact please call (310) 825-5689.


Documents Library

A place to find all EH&S created documents, forms and references.


Waste Management

There are different categories of waste on UCLA campus.

  • Regular Waste & Recyclables: Handled by Facilities Management
  • General Hazardous & Chemical Waste
  • Biological Hazardous Waste
  • Radioactive Hazardous Waste


Lab Moves and Close-Outs

Are you a Principal Investigator (PI) or department representative moving or closing-out a laboratory on campus? Start the move or close-out process with assistance from the EH&S Lab Portal team.


EH&S Service Funds

UCLA EH&S provides financial support for the installation of emergency showers and eyewash stations in campus research laboratories. Requests for support are reviewed as they are submitted to EH&S. Approval may be contingent on the availability of funds at the time of the request. If funding is not available at the time a request is submitted, departments are encouraged to seek alternate funding sources. If a project can be postponed, a request may be resubmitted in the following fiscal year.

If you have any questions regarding the process, please contact EH&S at