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Machine Shop & Technical Area Inspections

EH&S Safety Specialists perform annual safety inspections for all UCLA machine shops and technical areas (dry labs). Inspections generally consist of a review of required documentation, and a walkthrough of the shop which focuses on but is not limited to machine safety, electrical safety, fire/earthquake safety, and chemical handling and storage.

All UCLA machine shops are inspected annually. During these inspections, EH&S Safety Specialists will check for:

-Policies and Documentation: Shop Safety Manual, completion of required trainings, semi-annual inspections, Hazard Assessment Tool for Shops (HATS), authorized user list, etc.

-Machine Safety: machine guarding, powered components and prime movers, special hazards, etc.

-Electrical Safety: cord and conduit insulation, grounding, electrical panels, switches, etc.

-Fire and Earthquake Safety: clearance of walkways and exits, presence of fire extinguishers, bolting of furniture and machinery, etc.

-Chemical Handling and Storage: flammable storage cabinets, labeling, chemical inventory, Safety Data Sheets, compressed gases, etc.

-High Hazard Operations Compliance: hot work, work at heights, cranes/hoists/slings, maintenance/repair requiring lockout/tagout, etc.

Technical areas, which include dry labs, maker spaces, chemical storage areas and warehouses, are inspected annually by EH&S. During these inspections, Safety Specialists check for all of the applicable items from the list above, with a focus on the particular project being worked on in that area. Common projects include robotics and circuitry.

If you work in a technical area that is not being inspected annually by Safety Specialists, please contact EH&S at

Machine shops and technical areas in the Facilities Management and Housing Maintenance departments are inspected annually by a dedicated EH&S safety group designed for those specific service areas.

For inquiries involving shops/technical areas in these service groups, please contact Safety & Compliance