New lab, shop or workspace set-ups can be difficult, especially when you aren't sure who to contact or the steps involved. The new set-up page is a guide on what to expect and who to contact based on the hazards in your work area.
The Office of Environment, Health & Safety is here to assist with any questions or concerns you have about your new set-up.

General and Wet Lab Set-up

When a Principle Investigator assumes responsibility for a wet lab on campus, EH&S will be integral in guiding the process to completion.  Any changes in lab that includes lab location will also merit inclusion from EH&S. 


Biological Lab Set-up

Laboratories beginning work with biological materials at UCLA must reach out to for assistance.


Radiation Lab Set-up

All use of radioisotopes and radiation producing machines must be authorized by the Radiation Safety Committee.
Radiation Use Authorization Application – Radioactive Materials
Radiation Use Authorization Application – Radiation-Producing Machines


Laser & Photobiological Lab Set-up

For the following:

  • Authorization to use a laser
  • Register a new laser
  • Set up a laser device

New Laser Set Up

Or contact the Laser Safety Officer (LSO) by calling (310) 825-0352 or email

EH&S Safety Specialists are available for consultation and walkthrough when constructing, moving, or closing a machine shop or technical area (dry lab). Contact EH&S Shop Safety at when these events occur.

If you have safety concerns or questions regarding your new set-up and wish to talk to someone at EH&S, please contact our main line at 310-825-5689.