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Biosafety Site Visits

Biosafety site visits include checkups and comprehensive reviews of facilities, equipment and practices. Consultations, discussions, and small group training sessions on topics of interest are available on request.

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A comprehensive review of the facilities, equipment and practices covered under each BUA is required when a new facility is set up and every 3 years thereafter or whenever significant changes are made that affect the risk assessment (e.g., containment level change, new major equipment or operations).

During the review, EH&S Biosafety works with the PI or a designated representative to evaluate the efficacy of the biosafety program and to ensure that facility standards are maintained, engineering controls are utilized effectively, and risk mitigation plans documented in SOPs are implemented and meeting the needs of personnel.

Following reviews, EH&S Biosafety will generate reports to summarize the findings. A follow-up visit will be scheduled within 30 days to address any outstanding issues. The IBC may choose to investigate repeat findings as outlined in the Policy on Investigating Allegations of Noncompliance.

Biosafety Checkups are annual meetings between EH&S Biosafety and the PI or a designated representative. These short meetings are designed to facilitate user involvement in the risk assessment process and ensure that risk mitigation plans meet the specific needs of users.

Questions to consider in preparation for meeting with EH&S Biosafety:

-What do you see as your main source(s) of risk?
-Are current mitigation plans working for you?
-What would you like to see changed?
-How can EH&S Biosafety better support you in identifying and reducing your risk?

During Biosafety Checkups, EH&S Biosafety may conduct a brief facility walkthrough to assist personnel with identifying any major sources of risk. EH&S Biosafety will update facility and personnel records and contact information and review the following with personnel:

-User Agreement
-Risks associated with laboratory operations
-Spills, injuries, or near misses since the last site visit

EH&S Biosafety offers short presentations or group discussions at the request of a PI or laboratory group on a topic of interest to the group. Small group sessions focus on how biosafety can be applied in a specific situation or situations and are targeted to the personnel in attendance.

Example topics for a small group session:

-Medical waste handling
-Spill clean up
-Safer sharps demo
-Glove use and hand hygiene