Shop & Technical Areas Safety Training Courses

EH&S provides select instructor-led and online safety training for shop and technical areas. Site-specific and exposure-specific training are the responsibility of the Shop/Technical Area Supervisor or managing department. To determine which training is needed, consult the Shop Safety Training Matrix (or, if employed by Facilities Management or Housing & Hospitality Services, consult your specific Training Matrix).

For more information about shop/technical area training, please email the EH&S Shop Safety Coordinator at

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Please first Log-in to Worksafe, the EHS learning management system. Then use the links below to directly access the Course page in the system.

Step 1: Login to Worksafe

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Step 2: Find the Course Page links for direct access

Note: Course IDs ending in '-OL' are self-paced, online e-learning modules.
  • Fundamentals of Shop Safety Training

  • Fundamentals of Shop Safety Training Course Page.

    > Worksafe Course ID: IP-SHOP 

    All shop users (including staff, faculty and students) have access to this introductory course, which covers common hazards, roles and responsibilities, and safe work practices.

  • Hazard Communication Training

  • Hazard Communication Training Course Page.

    > Worksafe Course ID: IP-GENCHEM-OL 

    All employees that work with chemicals and/or other hazardous materials outside of a research laboratory setting must take Hazard Communication Training.

  • Heat Illness Prevention Training

  • Heat Illness Prevention Training Course Page.

    > Worksafe Course ID: IP-HEATT-OL 

    This course includes signs and symptoms of heat illness, prevention methods, campus procedures, emergency response, and responsibilities of supervisors in relation to heat illness.

  • Lockout/Tagout Training

  • Lockout Tagout Training for Authorized Users (Instructor-led) Course Page- Worksafe Course ID: IP-LOTO-AU 

    Lockout/Tag out Tailgate (Instructor-led) - Course Page- Worksafe Course ID: IP-LOTO—TG 

    All shop, technical area, and lab employees who perform maintenance, repairs, or troubleshooting of electrical systems and/or machines with multiple energy sources must take Lockout/Tagout training with EH&S Shop Safety. Log on to to sign up for a class.