Shop & Technical Areas Safety Training Courses

EH&S provides select instructor-led and online safety training for shop and technical areas. Site-specific and exposure-specific training are the responsibility of the Shop/Technical Area Supervisor or managing department. To determine which training is needed, consult the Shop Safety Training Matrix (or, if employed by Facilities Management or Housing & Hospitality Services, consult your specific Training Matrix).

For more information about shop/technical area training, please email the EH&S Shop Safety Coordinator at

Fundamentals of Shop Safety Training

All shop users (including staff, faculty and students) have access to this introductory course, which covers common hazards, roles and responsibilities, and safe work practices.  Complete this training by by logging onto

Hazard Communication Training

All employees that work with chemicals and/or other hazardous materials outside of a research laboratory setting must take Hazard Communication Training.  Complete this training by by logging onto

Heat Illness Prevention Training

This course includes signs and symptoms of heat illness, prevention methods, campus procedures, emergency response, and responsibilities of supervisors in relation to heat illness. Complete this training by by logging onto

Lockout/Tagout Training

All shop, technical area, and lab employees who perform maintenance, repairs, or troubleshooting of electrical systems and/or machines with multiple energy sources must take Lockout/Tagout training with EH&S Shop Safety. Log on to to sign up for a class.


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