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Laboratory Safety Training Courses

Laboratory and Chemical Safety Training Courses

Two types of training required for individuals working with chemicals:

EH&S-Sponsored Training - Individuals working with hazardous materials must complete Laboratory Safety Fundamentals before beginning laboratory activities. Principal Investigators must complete PI Orientation with EH&S upon hire.

Lab-Specific Training - Consult your supervisor regarding training on hazardous activities specific to the work or research you will be conducting.


Laboratory Safety Fundamentals (LSFC)

Initial Training - Worksafe Course ID: LAB-LSFC-OL
Refresher Training - Worksafe Course ID: LAB-LABOR

This online module will provide an overview of laboratory safety requirements, and is required by all laboratory personnel. Topics include: the recognition and mitigation of laboratory hazards; the use of engineering controls, administrative controls and personal protective equipment; working safely with chemicals, the use of SDS’s, procedures for disposing of hazardous chemical waste, and fire safety precautions for the laboratory.  Required initially by all laboratory employees and student workers in laboratories. Annual refresher training (Lab Safety Fundamentals Refresher) is also required.


PI Orientation with EH&S


This 90-minute session is designed for new UCLA Principal Investigators (PIs) and leaders responsible for implementing a research safety program in their laboratories. Subjects covered include: an introduction to EH&S services, roles & responsibilities, leadership in the laboratory, risk assessment, lab design/setup, and training at the bench. Required for all Principal Investigators with wet laboratories doing academic research.