General Safety Training Courses


All employees shall be trained on general topics (such as, but not limited to: Injury & Illness Prevention Program, earthquake/fire safety, back safety, Slips, Trips & Falls, etc.) on a routine basis. Each department is responsible for training its employees on general topics. Safety & Compliance also performs classroom training for departments upon request. To request a training for your department, contact us at

EH&S provides select general safety training courses online, in the classroom, and upon request for all of UCLA campus. You can access online training and sign up for classroom training by logging onto  

COVID-19 Prevention

On June 17, 2021 Cal/OSHA approved the COVID-19 prevention re-adoption documents. The UCLA COVID-19 Prevention Training will be updated in July to reflect these changes, including guidance for N95 for Voluntary Use. 

This overview of return to work post COVID-19 includes the following topics: what to expect, responsibilities, and Coronavirus prevention/precautions. This course covers requirements of CDC guidance, Cal/OSHA guidance, and CDPH/CalOSHA statewide guidance for COVID-19. 

To access online learning for staff, faculty and student employees:

  • Go to the UC Learning Center:
  • Log in with your UCLA logon ID & Password
  • Choose "Required Training" box and select the "Start" button for the UCLA Covid-19 Prevention course
  • Note: Employees who have previously completed the Covid-19 Course, will be assigned a brief 3-minute video outlining new requirements reflected in the re-adoption of the Cal/OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard.

Instructor-led training resources

A training guide for in-person training and associated training handouts are available for managers and supervisors to conduct in-person sessions. Campus Human Resources Training and Development ( can assist with documentation of course completion for those not taking the course online.

To access online learning for undergraduate and graduate researchers not employed by UCLA:

  • Go to
  • Log in using your UCLA logon ID & Password 
  • Search for and launch the UCLA Covid-19 Prevention course

Fire and Life Safety Online Training

This online module provides an overview of fire safety for the UCLA campus. Topics include fire prevention, fire protection, and what to do in the event of a fire. Details about the types of fire extinguishers used on campus and instructions for use are also included. Complete this training by by logging onto NOTE: EH&S currently does not offer in-person fire extinguisher training. 

General Chemical Safety Online Training

Common materials you may use during your work, like paints, glues, resins, cleaning solutions, solvents, plasters and more, all qualify as "chemicals". Improper storage, handling or disposal of materials can result in explosions, leaks, or human injury or illness. This course introduces components of OSHA's Hazard Communication (HAZCOM) standard and the methods for learning about chemical hazards, including labels, safety data sheets (SDS) and hazard assessments. This course is designed for employees who need initial or refresher Hazard Communication (HAZCOM) training. Complete this training by by logging onto

Injury & Illness Prevention Program Online Training

The IIPP is a workplace safety program created to identify, address, and record workplace hazards. This online module will explore how the IIPP improves workplace safety through employee involvement, campus procedures and safety resources. Complete this training by logging onto

Respirator (Half-Face/Full-Face and N-95) Training

EH&S evaluates workplaces for possible airborne hazards and recommends ways to reduce these hazards. When appropriate, EH&S will fit campus workers with respirators and provide annual training on their proper use. This program is administered in cooperation with Occupational Health Facilities (OHF). OHF evaluates a person's ability to safely wear a respirator prior to a respirator being issued. 


Voluntary Respirator Use is characterized by the employee requesting to use an N95 respirator when not required by the employer. Mandatory Respirator Use is characterized by the employer requiring the employee to wear an N95 respirator when performing potentially hazardous activities. Reference the table below to determine the appropriate designation.

Examples of Voluntary Respirator Usage Examples of Mandatory Respirator Usage
  • COVID-19 concerns for at-risk individuals (e.g., immunocompromised, unvaccinated, elderly)
  • Hazardous air pollution due to wildfire events
  • Seasonal allergies for outdoor work environments
  • Working in non-hazardous dusty work environments
  • Odors within non-hazardous work environments
  • Workers who use BSL2 materials inside a biosafety cabinet
  • Potentially hazardous work operations (e.g., laboratory operations, chemicals, mold spores)
  • Medical settings (e.g., bioaerosols)
  • General work-related exposure to hazardous dusts, vapor/gases, and fumes/smoke

Steps to Obtaining Respiratory Protection:

1. Hazard Assessment Form and Medical Questionnaire

  • Submit a Respirator Hazard Assessment webform. An Industrial Hygienist will review your request and assign the appropriate respiratory protection. 
  • Submit a Medical Questionnaire to Occupational Health Facilities (10833 Le Conte Avenue, Suite 17-240 CHS, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1725) in a sealed envelope labeled: Attn: Respirator Clearance Forms for Eva/Maki (OHF); from Employee Name (Department). Please allow approximately two weeks for review of medical questionnaires. OHF will contact you if more information is needed, and will notify EH&S of approval/completion. 

2. In the meantime, complete the appropriate pre-requisite online education in Worksafe:

  • N95 Respirator Education (ENV-N95-OL)
  • Half-Face/Full-Face Respirator Education (ENV-HALF-OL)

3. Register for the appropriate in-person Fit Test session in Worksafe (N95 or Half-face/Full-face).

  • You must complete the medical evaluation process and training prior to fit-testing. Schedule your fit test at least two weeks from the submission of your Medical Questionnaire to allow for proper review.  

4. Complete in-person Fit Test and receive an electronic record of completion.

  • Please arrive for the fit test session on time and do not eat or drink at least 15 minutes prior to the session. Be sure to bring all of the respirators that you use.
  • Men must be clean-shaven to participate in the fit test. Please refer to this infographic for more information. 

N95 Respirator for Voluntary Use Training

For information on N95 use for Covid-19 Exceptions see the PPE Supply page. Employees who would like to voluntarily wear an N95 respirator for situations other than Covid-19 exceptions must complete the N95 Respirator for Voluntary Use Training in Worksafe.

Wildfire Smoke Protection Training

This supervisor-led training provides guidance on how to inform workers of and protect workers from the potential hazards of wildfire smoke. It is designed to be an instructor-led course and consists of a handout, N-95 respirator video and quiz. For best results, supervisors should provide employees with the handout, quiz and access to the video and discuss applicable topics from the handout. Quiz questions can also be discussed to provide additional review. Access course resources by logging onto