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Safety & Compliance

Who is Safety & Compliance?

Our Duties:

  • Oversee occupational safety and compliance programs for campus employees, including departmental Injury and Illness Prevention Programs (IIPP) and associated exposure specific plans as required by Cal/OSHA Title 8.
  • Provide departmental oversight of State & Federal Health and Safety Regulations via inspections, incident investigations, safety consultations and hazard specific trainings/presentations.
  • Conduct safety consultation for third-party contractor work performed on campus and provide protocol review for special events upon request.
  • Manage the UCLA Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) Program and associated AED inspections.
  • Responders to the EH&S Serious Injury Hotline and conduct reporting/investigation protocols for occupational incidents/fatalities as required by the state.
  • Campus liaison for Cal/OSHA Investigations and associated legal matters.

Meet Our Team

Safety Programs Manager - Amanda Cruz

Senior Safety Specialist - Ahmeena Cutts

Senior Safety Specialist - Essam Eissa

Senior Safety Specialist - Alyssa Hodgson

Safety Specialist - Jorge Cisneros

Safety Specialist - Estrella Saucedo

Safety Specialist - Emily Lopez

    • What specific programs do we manage?
    • Campus-Wide

      -Departmental IIPPs (~170 total campus-wide)
      -EH&S Serious Injury Hotline
      -Incident Investigations
      -Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Library
      -UCLA Shop Safety Program
      -High Hazard Operations
          -UCLA Confined Space Program (HHS/FM, Other)
          -UCLA Fall Protection Program (HHS/FM, Other)
          -UCLA Hot Work Program (HHS/FM, Other)
          -UCLA Lock Out Tag Out Program (HHS/FM, Other)
          -UCLA Trenching and Excavation (HHS/FM, Other)
      -UCLA Exposure Control Plan – Bloodborne Pathogens and Aerosol Transmissible Diseases (non-research)
      -UCLA Hazard Communication Program
      -UCLA Heat Illness Prevention Plan
      -UCLA Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) Program
      -UCLA Field Safety
      -UC Slip Resistant Shoe Program
      -UC Performing Arts Safety Manual
      -Safety Assessments of campus spaces and/or operations
      -Safety Consultation and approvals for special events/third party contractor work

      HHS/FM Specific

      -Green Light for Safety
      -Custodial Safety Olympics
      -Metrics/Annual Strategic Plan
      -Return to Work)

    • What inspections do we conduct?

    • Campus-Wide

      -AED Inspections - UCLA PAD Program units (monthly)
      -Office Inspections (upon request)
      -Shop Inspections (annual)
      -Robotics and Technical Area Inspections (annual)
      -Athletic, Recreational Sports and Aquatic Venue Inspections (annual)
      -Theater and Safety in the Arts Inspections (annual)
      -Slip Meter Assessments (upon request)
      -Safety Bulletin Boards (upon request)
      -Safety Assessments of facility, operation, and/or special event (upon request)
          -Job Walks on multi-employer worksites
          -Safety consultation for third party contractor work performed on campus

      HHS/FM Specific

      -Food & Beverage Inspections (monthly)
      -Custodial Storage Inspections (quarterly)

    • Who are our clients and collaborators?

    • Campus Building

      Our clientele includes all campus departments, staff and faculty with designated safety services for Housing & Hospitality and Facilities Management. Safety services for students, visitors, third party contractors and/or special events are provided upon request and in collaboration with the necessary UC counterparts on a case-by-case basis.

      Off-Campus Buildings

      Safety services are offered to off-site locations performing UCLA affiliated operations and/or managed by UCLA employees. These include but are not limited to the following locations:

      -Architecture and Urban Design - IDEAS Lab
      -Capital Programs
      -Fleet Transit Yard
      -Getty Villa (Conservation Lab)
      -Kinross Building
      -Lake Arrowhead Conference Center
      -Marina Aquatic Center
      -Hammer Museum and Billy Wilder Theater
      -UCLA Film and Television Archives and Nitrate Vaults
      -UCLA Warner Graduate Art Studios
      -University Apartments/Off-Campus Graduate Housing Maintenance
      -Science and Technology Research Building (STRB)
      -White Mountain Research Station (upon acquisition rotation)

      Who are our main collaborators?

      -UCLA Insurance & Risk Management (IRM)
      -UCLA Fire Department
      -UCLA Facilities Management (FM)
      -UCLA Housing & Hospitality Services (HHS)
      -UCLA Health
      -UCLA Legal Affairs
      -UC Office of the President (UCOP)

    • What committee affiliations do we have?

    • -UC Systemwide Occupational Safety Workgroup – Rotating Members
      -UCLA Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) Advisory Committee – Chair (VACANT), Co-Chair (Alex)
      -UCLA Academic Shop Safety Committee – Chair (Allison), Co-Chair (Alex)
      -UCLA Sustainability Committee – Member (VACANT)
      -UCLA Injury Prevention Committee – Rotating Members
      -UCLA Health Environment of Care Committee – Rotating Members
      -UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine Safety Committee – Rotating Members
      -UCLA Facilities Management Safety Committee – Rotating Members
      -UCLA HHS Safety Committees – Rotating Members
          -Dining Services
          -On-Campus Housing Maintenance (OCHM)