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Biennial Inventory and Annual Renewal

Biennial Inventory

Although required by the DEA to be conducted within 2 years UCLA conducts these annually.
The Biennial Inventory is a snapshot of the on-hand controlled substance inventory at the “close of business” for that day even if it is zero.

Notification of Biennial Inventory

The Controlled Substance Program will notify the PI and CSUA lab contacts(s) in advance via e-mail. The PI or authorized personnel will be required to complete the biennial inventory acknowledging the amount of controlled substances in their possession.

Renewal, Reviews and Amendments

The Controlled Substance Program documents amendments, reviews, and renewals for each CSUA.

  • Renewals- are completed every two years. All CSUAs associated with a DEA registration are reviewed, updated, and verified with the PI. This includes updating all supportive documents. 
  • Reviews (Annual) – The CSP send a CSUA summary  to the PI for reaffirmation of existing information. If any modifications are needed, an amendment will be documented. 

When you need to change or update your CSUA

Submit a  CSUA Modification Request

  • Maintaining the most up to date information on your Controlled Substance Use Authorization (CSUA) is essential to ensure that we have continued approval from the DEA. Submissions for changes should include a brief explanation of the change. The CSP will verify the request with the PI or primary contact and document an amendment.

    Information that would need to be reported for an amendment are:
    • Protocol additions or removals- protocols are the means by which we are able to justify use of material and are a required document.
    • Material additions or removals- each CSUA is approved for specific material and annual usage amounts. Material not listed on an CSUA and request for amount over the approved annual usage will not be fulfilled with out a justification.
    • Storage locations changes-  each storage location is approved for security provisions by the DEA. Relocation or modification to storage location must be approved before use.
    • Personnel Changes- it is important to be able to identify who are the individuals that have access to controlled substances.