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Personnel and Training


 All individuals who have access to or the potential of access to controlled substance are required to complete a Personnel Screening Data Sheet (PSDS). 


The Principal Investigator (PI) is responsible for ensuring that all staff and students using controlled substances in conjunction with their research are listed in the PI’s CSUA and will comply with associated federal regulations, university polices, and training.

Researchers must obtain a CSUA prior to the use, purchase or transport of controlled substances at UCLA campus. PIs are responsible for informing the Controlled Substance Program (CSP) of any updates their CSUA.

Authorized Personnel (AP) is a PI or laboratory member who is authorized to possess or use controlled substances by the University. 

AP are responsible for:

  • complying with federal regulations, program requirements, and University policies governing the acquisition, use, storage, and disposition of controlled substances.
  • ensuring that inventory logs are maintained accurately
  • ensuring that material is handled in accordance with the approved CSUA
  • completing all required training
  • reviewing and familiarizing themselves with the Controlled Substance Manual
  • reporting any suspect loss or diversion to the Controlled Substances Program Officer. (21 CFR 1309.73)

Key Coordinators are individuals listed in UCLA's space inventory. These are individual's designated by a department to issue keys and request lock changes. Although key coordinators do not have direct access to materials because of their ability authorized changes and issue keys they must be listed on the PI's CSUA and will be asked to complete a PSDS.  

If you do not want this responsibility you will need to request that your name be removed from the designated room. 

EH&S is responsible for administering and overseeing institutional implementation of the Controlled Substance Program. EH&S assigns a Controlled Substance Program Officer (CSPO) who has the primary responsibility to ensure implementation of the Controlled Substance Program (CSP).

The Responsible Official (RO) as defined by the UC Regents is the "Officer" which is the Chancellor of the campus.

The Chancellor has the responsibility for oversight of the location’s Controlled Substance Program. At UCLA the Chancellor has delegated this role through a Power of Attorney to the Controlled Substance Program Officer (CSPO).

The Certifying Official listed on DEA registrations is the Chancellor, excluding department registration which fall under the delegation to the CSPO.

Controlled Substances Training Courses

Individuals who directly handle controlled substances are required to complete the online controlled substance training. Only those who successfully complete the training will be permitted to work with controlled substances. Personnel are responsible for completing all required training and maintaining current training certifications.

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Course: Controlled Substance Training

Required to be completed by all authorized personnel

Topics include: CSUA, Storage site controls and security, Orders / Delivery / Receipt, Usage Logs and Biennial Inventory, Transfers / Imports / Exports, Disposal, Diversion and Loss Reporting, and Illicit activities.

Course: Maintaining Your Controlled Substance Inventory

Required to be completed by all authorized personnel handling material.

Topic Includes: Inventory record keeping and best practices