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Diversion, Excessive Loss, Spills or Theft

  • Loss or a Spill: notify our office immediately.
  • Theft: notify both our office and UCPD immediately.

Our office is required to report a theft to the DEA field office on the same business day it is discovered.

Contact us to Report Theft


Drug diversion is "the illegal distribution or abuse of prescription drugs or their use for purposes not intended by the prescriber. [1] Prescription drug diversion may occur at any time as prescription drugs are distributed from the manufacturer to wholesale distributors, to pharmacies, or to the patient.[2] Members of the medical profession may also be involved in diverting prescription drugs for recreational purposes, relief of addictions, monetary gain, self-medication for pain or sleep, or to alleviate withdrawal symptoms."

  • Theft
  • Transporting substances to a new location without DEA approval 
  • Forgery or doctoring records or usage logs
  • Using material not for what was originally disclosed in the registration, this included other protocols or other locations
  • Material lost in transit or at receipt

Notify UCLA Controlled Substance Program and report your loss.

Report Unusual or Excessive Loss of Controlled Substances or Precursor (List 1 & 2)

Individual Registrants are responsible for completing Form 106. Theft/Loss form must be completed online. Below is a link to the PDF form to use as a template to gather your information. 

DEA form 106 

If you have your own DEA registration we will help you complete this form.

Federal regulations require that registrants notify the Field Division Office of the Administration in his area, in writing, of the theft or significant loss of any controlled substance, disposal receptacles or listed chemicals within one business day of discovery of such loss or theft. This is why it is important for you to notify us as soon as possible so we can assist you through this process. 

Loss does not include a loss that can be explained such as:

  • Material loss from hub waste
  • Spills that can be documented and explained
  • Material loss as part of synthesis or chemical reaction
  • Waste

If you are unsure contact us immediately with in the same business day.

You will be asked to provide:

  •  Information on what occurred, to the best of your knowledge
  • Police report number if available (if you do not have one do not worry) 

Information about missing substance

-  National Drug Code (NDC) or Chemical

-  Quantity of the controlled substance being reported as a theft or loss.

-  Each reported chemical must be reported in total milligrams (mg) or Kilograms (KG).

-  Product form (i.e. liquid or powder)

-  Total milliliters/milligrams (ml/mg); if tablet, enter the total count of tablets.