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Controlled Substance Procurement

All controlled substance orders are subject to the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970.  

Due to the new approval process in Bruinbuy Plus order may take additional week to processed. In preparation for the 2023-2024 fiscal close, please submit all order request by June 5, 2024. Anything submitted after will be processed after July 15. For urgent requests, please contact

The EH&S Controlled Substance Program reviews and approves all controlled substance orders submitted through BruinBuy prior to a purchase order being generated. Orders are reviewed for unusual size, orders deviating substantially from a normal pattern, and orders of unusual frequency. The Controlled Substance Program provides procurements services including document management for researchers managed by the program.

This review process does not included:

  • Patient care procurement associated with UCLA Health
  • Individual Registrants 

To place an order complete our online order form. Submit your orders by Friday to be processed the following week. 
Some Schedule 2 materials have a manufacturing quota, requiring a 21-day hold prior to ship.

Purchase Request Form

Additional fees per order:

Vendor shipping and handling fees

Standard Service Fee $ 20.69
Schedule 2  $ 55.70
NIDA or Transferred Material $ 143.24


Pharmaceuticals or prescription drugs that are not controlled substances. For more information see section under pharmaceuticals 

Buprenorphine SR this is a compounded items and can only be purchased with a veterinary license.

Schedule 1 materials-these must be purchased directly by the registrant.

Individual Registration Material- these are not managed by the CSP and must be purchased by the registrant

Transported- materials from another institution for temporary use 

Order pickups are scheduled by appointment. We will notify you when your order ready for pickup. Only authorized personnel listed on your CSUA can pick up controlled substances. Please have your UID available at pick-up.

Our service desk is in CHS, A6-060H.

The closet elevators to us are at the entrance to the School of Public Health off of Charles E. Young Drive, South. 

​​​​Learn more about controlled substances visit: What is a controlled substance?

Vendors require a DEA import license in addition to a department registration to acquire material outside the United States (U.S.). In addition vendors have to comply with their country's associated regulations which may require additional permits, as a result, this process can take a few months.


Researchers with individual DEA registration are responsible for setting up accounts and procuring their material. Vendors will request compliance documents to setup accounts.

​​​​For vendor information visit 

Individual Registrants Info Page​​​​​​

Drug shortages can occur at any time and are caused by many factors some reasons include:

-  Raw Materials 27%
-  Quality Manufacturing Issues 37%
-  Quality: Delays/Capacity 27%
-  Loss of Manufacturing Site 2%
-  Increased Demand 5%
-  Discontinuation 2%

The FDA provides a list of current and resolved shortages reported to them: 

Drug Shortages and Discontinuations Reported to FDA

Drug Shortage Infographic

FDA Drug Shortages | Additional News and Information

FDA Extended Use Dates to Assist with Drug Shortages

To acquire these materials for non-human In-Vitro work you can contact:

​​​​If you are with DGSOM and need to order pharmaceuticals or dangerous drugs or devices.

Submit Request

For none DGSOM lab:A wholesaler may furnish a dangerous drug or device to a laboratory without a physician’s prescription, as long as purchase records are maintained.


Dangerous Drug or Device is a device or drug that is unsafe for self-medication and requires a prescription (Section 483, Dangerous Drug Act, of the Health and Safety Code); these are also USP and pharmaceuticals 
Pharmaceuticals are compounds manufactured for use as medicinal drugs (prescription, over-the-counter, or otherwise).; these are not always classified as dangerous drugs or device. 
USP is a quality standard it establishes written and physical (reference) standards for medicines. These standards are used by regulatory agencies and manufacturers to help to ensure that these products are of the appropriate identity, as well as strength, quality, purity, and consistency.


California law does not require a physician prescription or a physician license on file for a wholesaler to supply dangerous drugs to a research laboratory.
A wholesaler may furnish a dangerous drug to a laboratory without a physician’s prescription, as long as purchase records are maintained. (Cal. Bus. & Profs. Code 4059(b)).
A “laboratory” is defined under Cal. Bus. & Profs. Code 4031 as “a research, teaching, or testing laboratory not engaged in the dispensing or furnishing of drugs or devices but using dangerous drugs … for scientific or teaching purposes.”
​​​Need to order a precursor 

Visit: Precursor, List 1 & 2 Chemicals