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Controlled Substance Waste

Controlled Substance waste is highly regulated and is the responsibility the individual who holds the DEA registration from which the waste was generated. Waste from different registrations can not be combined. 

Different Waste Generating Streams on Campus

There are four different controlled substance waste generating streams on campus, the information listed below does not include any UCLA Health procedures.

The Controlled Substance Program manages all waste generated by our authorized users. This included expired or unused material not longer needed, and all associated usage logs.

Schedule your return appointment with our booking link below, remember you will need to bring your associated usage logs with you, please do not photocopy logs

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How do you know if you are a part of our program? You will have a Controlled Substance Use Authorization (CSUA) number and you would have received the material from our program. Not sure email us at


If you hold your own registration you will have to dispose of your controlled substances via a reverse distributor and maintain all associated records for at least 2 year (21 CFR 1304.04)

You can set up your own account with a reverse distributor to come out and collect your waste. Ensure that the address provided matches the address listed on your registration. 

contact: Justin Lee

Vendor Key Vendor Name Address City State Zip Vendor
Short Name
PO BOX 188


Patients that have a prescription for controlled substances are the ultimate users and can dispose of their medication through at a take back event or a collection site. You should not take controlled substances that were not prescribed to you on behalf of a patient for disposal.

Find your nearest site atDEA Controlled Substance Public Disposal Locations Search
(21 CFR 1317.75)

The following location are available on campus:

     -Bruin Health Pharmacy 308 Westwood Plaza, A-250

     -UCLA Medical Center200 Medical Plaza Suite 135

Take Back Events (21CFR 1317.65)
Please complete the the following form and schedule a drop off appointment. 

Found Material Form

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What is pharmaceutical waste?

Pharmaceutical waste is any leftover, unused or expired medication that is no longer needed or can no longer be used. This includes used items containing pharmaceutical residues that do not contain blood.

-  Unused, expired pharmaceutical products
-  Sharps, including scalpels, needles and syringes 
-  Empty receptacles (pill bottles, blister packs, liquid medicine containers & ointment tubes)
-  Medicine distribution devices like autoinjectors, inhalers and nebulizers

These items should be placed in a pharmaceutical waste containers. Liquids should be in closed containers to prevent spillage. These containers differ from biohazardous container. 

Researchers are able to drop off their pharmaceutical waste containers at secured UCLA Medical Waste Accumulation sites. 
To request access visit Self Drop-Off Areas for Medical Waste