PPE Lab Coat Distribution Program

Sorry we can not take walk ups for any lab coat orders, see the sections below for information. Our service window is closed for all university observed holidays to check those days see  https://www.truebruinwelcome.ucla.edu/calendar/holidays
Backorders  - Large Traditional (Unisex) Lab coats - ETA end of May and Medium Traditional (Unisex) Lab coats sold out new inventory in July.

The UCLA’s PPE Lab Coat Distribution Program is a cost sharing program that provides labs with minimum personal protective equipment (PPE). Principal Investigators (PI) are responsible to ensure that adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) is available to their lab workers

The PPE Distribution Program submits an annual request for funding to purchase new inventory. We will provide supplies throughout the year at a 50% cost share while supplies last.   

  • Who Can Participate?
  • (Due to COVID we have extended the period to 2 yrs)

    -  Employees hired within the past 12 months to work in a lab for at least 3 months.

    -  Volunteers/Students who will work in the lab for at least 12 months.
  • What Items are Provided?

  • (2) Lab coat of each type based on work requirements

    (1) pair of safety glasses, (excludes prescription glasses). Types of over glasses are limited to styles available

    (1) pair of other type of PPE (e.g. chemical splash goggles.) 

    Refer to our catalog below for pricing and product information. 
  • STEP 1 - Required Training 
  • Required Training

    - Lab Coat and Eye Protection Training-  WORKSAFE

    (This training requirement will fulfill your lab's PPE training requirements listed under Title 8 §3380. Personal Protective Devices.)

  • STEP 2 - Request Form, -Items can be mailed or book an appointment for pick up
  • What should you expect?

       1.  After completing the Lab Coat and Eye Protection Training 

       2.  Complete:  PPE Distribution Program Request Form 

       3.  Once your order is ready we either mail it as requested or send you pick up information.

  • PPE Distribution Program Catalog
  • PPE Distribution Program Catalog

    This is a cost share program, not all items are free please refer to our catalog for pricing and product information.

    On the day of your appointment you will be provided with a tote with your items. 
  • Missed your appointment?
  • Missed your appointment? Reschedule @ booking appointment. 

    There is a $11.89 processing fee per appointment. 
  • Identify what you need?
  • Barrier-  99%/1% polyester/carbon (highly flammable material).

    Used when handling bloodborne pathogens or other infectious material. 

    Traditional- cotton/polyester blend

    For general lab work such as low level flammable solvent use, low hazard chemicals, biohazard, & radioactive material work

    Flame Resistant- 100% Nomex (he material is intrinsically flame resistant; its protection will not diminish over repeated washes)

    For use with water reactive or air reactive materials, large volume flammable solvents, potentially explosive materials, open flames and work with arching equipment, or activities that can create a potential flame or fire.

    FR/CP (flame and chemical) resistant- Nomex IIIA

    Bulwark FR/CP- Protection Video

    Primarily used in chemistry labs provides combined protection for flammable solvents, corrosives, or reactive materials
  • Replacements for Current Workers
  • Replacement PPE is offered for participants when PPE is damaged or disposed of due to an incident or if the scope of a participant’s research changes such that they need additional type(s) of PPE. To request a replacement coat complete the PPE Distribution Request form and book an appointment.
  • Laundry
  • Laundry services is provided by the participant's employer such as a department or Principal Investigator.

    The laundry location site are managed by departments or schools.

    School of Medicine Locations

    UCLA has a campus vendor agreement that can be referenced when the school or department sets up the purchase order. Vendor Campus Agreement 

    Participants will need to have their lab coats tagged with their names to ensure that the coats are returned to them. This can be done at the laundry site by completing a tag.

     How to enroll a New Coat or Scrub Piece via the Re-tape Process 

  • Prescription Glasses
  • Goggles and safety glasses that fit over prescription glasses are available (Size and styles are limited).

    Prescription safety eyewear can be requested to your department. 

          1. Complete the Prescription Eye Protection Request

          2. Submit to your PI or Supervisor for approval

          3. Schedule an appointment with U See LA Optometry Center

    Remember to take your completed form with you.

  • Lab Coat Returns
  • Lab coats can be donated to the central service desk (CHS A6-060H) for recirculation back into the program. These lab coats are inspected by EH&S employees and are submitted for laundering and are provided at $0 to new users. 

    Lab coat exchanges- if your lab coats does not fit an need to be exchange please schedule a booking appointment.