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Chemical Safety

Chemical Safety exists to enable UCLA's world-class faculty, students, and staff to safely use hazardous chemicals in their research.

Office Hours in Boelter Hall

Room 4750

Wednesdays and Fridays: 3 PM - 6 PM

 Chemical Hygiene Officer - Christopher Kolodziej

 Associate Chemical Hygiene Officer - Katye Poole

 Senior Chemical Safety Specialist - Brian Young

 Chemical Safety Specialist - Karla Barahona

 Chemical Safety Specialist  - Lizette Enriquez

 Chemical Inventory Specialist - VACANT

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Lab Safety Visits: Book one now with our online system

Experiment Reviews: Fill out this form to get started on safe research

Laboratory Hazard Assessment Tool (LHAT): Access LHAT and get started with assessing your lab's hazards

Chemical Inventory System (UC Chemicals): Get access, tutorials, or meet with our ChemTag team for free assistance

Universal Door Cards: Update your lab's door card today

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Template Library: Start off your safe chemical use with our hazard Banded SOP templates

2023 Chemical Hygiene Plan: Double check UCLA's Chemical Hygiene Plan and our policies


- UCLA research labs with hazardous chemicals

- UCLA-affiliated research labs and teaching community


- Chemical and Physical Safety Committee (CPSC)

- Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research Safety Oversight Committee (OSOC)

- Research Safety and Animal Welfare Administration (RSAWA)

- Facilities Management

- UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine

- Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

- School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS)

- Joint Research Safety Initiative (JRSI)

Our ChemTag program is here to turbocharge your chemical inventory management. Experience lightning-fast reconciliation, ensuring your lab inventories are always in sync with safety regulations and campus policies at no cost!

Learn how our ChemTag team can help your lab by contacting our friendly Chemical Inventory Specialist: