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Experiment Safety Review Request

Help review my experiment!

We appreciate you reaching out to us for this safety review. The answers that you provide in this ‘experimental set up review questionnaire’ will help us understand your intent and nuances of the proposed set up. Please be as detailed as possible with your answers, so that suitable recommendations can be made in a timely manner. We very much value your efforts. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to assist you through this safety consultation. Note: Please be assured that this questionnaire is designed solely for the purpose of comprehending and serving better.

Your Name
Will there be any other research group(s) collaborating in this experiment?
Is it the first time this type of set-up/experiment will be done in your lab?
Has this type of set-up/experiment been done elsewhere?
Will chemicals and/or compressed gases be used in this set-up/experiment?
Will biological materials be used in this set-up/experiment?
Will lasers be used in this set-up/experiment?
Will radioactive materials be used in this set-up/experiment?
Will radiation-producing machines be used in this set-up/experiment?
Will the set-up/experiment involve autoclaves?
Will the set-up/experiment involve open flames?
Will the set-up/experiment involve high voltage?
Will the set-up/experiment involve hazardous fumes?
Will the set-up/experiment involve pressure vessels?
Will the experimental set-up need seismic restraining?
Will the set-up/experiment be conducted inside a fume hood (or other engineering controls such as glove box)?