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Lab Engage

Design the Plan

The Lab ENGAGE plans developed under this initiative are designed to target those issues or risks relevant to the individual labs. As such, there is a potentially large variability between plans. However, all Lab ENGAGE plans developed under this initiative should have several common elements.

Lab-wide employee engagement: 

Each Lab ENGAGE plan should encourage involvement from as many people in the lab as possible. Each member of the lab should be expected to participate significantly in the project.

Lab-specific design: 

To enhance safety beyond the base EH&S program, each Lab ENGAGE plan should address specific issues or risks within the lab.


A system to account for participation must be developed to ensure that the Lab ENGAGE plan is being implemented as designed.


  • Past Projects Supported by Lab Engage
  • Tolbert Lab

    Set up a lab management plan to schedule regular, rotating checks of lab organization and safe practices

    Modlin Lab

    Coordinated a cleanout schedule for freezers in the lab, which expanded to include a full de-cluttering of the lab space 

    Ophoff Lab

    Systematically reviewed and updated critical research protocols (SOPs) 

    Belperio Lab

    Planned and executed a complete lab relocation from Warren Hall to CHS

  • Lab Engage Projects Should:
    • Impact environmenthealth, or safety
    • Address an existing issue relevant to your group
    • Solve a systemic problem that benefits the majority of the lab (not just one person)
  • Why Should I Do It?
  • Each participating lab member receives $75 quarterly for up to three quarters