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I.N. for Safety

Who's your safety initiative nominee?

Recognize outstanding members of our research community who go above and beyond normal laboratory safety practices.


lab manager who is always aware of safety hazards and goes out of their way to warn others about potential risks?
PI who emphasizes safety training during all phases of student mentorship?
student who asks insightful questions about safety guidelines and carefully considers risk mitigation when planning experiments?
staff member who demonstrates leadership during building emergencies and proactively contributes to campus safety programs?



Your nominee must be a current UCLA staff, faculty, student or volunteer with a valid UCLA ID number and working or providing support for research laboratories

  • Not eligible:
  • UCLA Health System staff, faculty, students or volunteers
  • Personnel whose primary role is a safety professional

Tell us why your nominee deserves this special shout-out. Give examples of their dedication and creativity. Upload supporting documents, videos or images if available