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Asbestos and Lead Project Information Form

UCLA Asbestos and Lead Project Information Form

Complete and submit this form at least 3 weeks (or as soon as possible for unplanned emergencies) before commencement of projects that will involve renovation or demolition of building material. Submission of this form is required before work begins to ensure EH&S notification, tracking and approvals. For any questions or concerns please e-mail . Project information and hazardous material survey must still be submitted using this form if no asbestos or lead was identified.

EH&S will confirm receipt of this form via email within two business days and schedule a survey or request additional information if needed.  

Environmental Consultant Company Information (If applicable)
Abatement Contractor Information
Upload Project Documents (Drawings, Hazardous Material Survey, Specifications, etc.) 

Upload Abatement Documents (SCAQMD Notification, Cal/OSHA Notification, etc.)

Type of Hazardous Material Found (Select All That Apply)