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New Laser Set-ups

Get authorized to use a laser device?

All educational, laboratory and research Laser Users, working with open beam lasers or embedded / enclosed laser systems with maximum power of 5mW or greater, must complete UCLA EH&S Laser Safety Fundamentals Training.

  1. You can self register for laser safety fundamentals at
  2. On the Job Training — provided by PI/supervisor or designee & must be documented.
  3. Review and sign the applicable laser standard operating procedure (SOP). Ensure the PI knows that you are authorized.

Purchase a laser device?

Laser procurement approval, UCLA EH&S LPS program covers all individual lasers and / or laser systems within the Westwood campus and the UCLA managed off-site locations. EH&S LPS is required to maintain an accurate campus laser inventory record and the safety requirements for all laser devices on campus. It is UCLA’s EH&S Policy that all laser device purchasing information should be channeled through EH&S’s LPS office. This helps in the registering of new equipment and ensures that appropriate safety precautions are in effect as equipment arrives on campus.


  • Repair and replacement parts for existing UCLA registered laser equipment.
  • Service agreement renewal contract for existing equipment.

Register my new laser?

All open beam lasers or embedded / enclosed laser systems with maximum power of 5mW or greater are required to be inventory and registered.

To register a laser device please submit a Laser Equipment Registration Form to the Laser Safety Officer (LSO) at

If you are unsure of your status, please contact Matt Damron, campus LSO, at or (310) 825-0352.

Important: Whenever there are changes to the laser inventory status, the LSP Program must be notified.

Please submit a Laser Inventory Change of Status Form to the LSP Program at