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Inspections, Investigations, and Audits

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Inspections

Pre-registration Site Inspections

Upon applying for a DEA registration, the local DEA office will assign a Diversion Investigator to review the application request. This review will include a request for supportive documents to justify request and an on-site inspection will be conducted by two diversion investigators of the storage location and of security provisions.

DEA Unannounced Inspections

Local DEA offices make periodic unannounced inspections to audit registered controlled substance storage locations and laboratories (21 CFR Part 1316). DEA Diversion Investigators ensure that the controlled substance registrant is compliant with the Controlled Substance Act.

At UCLA, the Controlled Substance Program Officer (CSPO) is the point of contact for DEA inspections.

In the event that the DEA shows up at your lab, immediately contact the CSPO (310) 901-4053 (call or text).

The DEA is a law enforcement agency with the ability to assess civil and criminal penalties. Non-compliance violations can result in increased levels of penalties including:

  • Letter of Admonition
  • $10,000 fine to the registrant for each violation
  • Suspension or revocation of registration
  • Prison sentence

Controlled Substance Program (CSP) Inspections

CSP Unannounced Inspections

In order to prepare for unannounced DEA inspections, the CSP conducts unannounced inspections periodically to review usage logs, inventory, and storage locations. This type of inspection is aimed to prepare authorized users which use controlled substances.

We check the following:

- Are authorized users as listed on CSUA are the same as as the ones handling controlled substances?

- Is the storage unit locked? Are the keys secured as listed in CSUA?

- Are there any controlled substances left unattended?

- That other materials being stored with controlled substances (i.e. saline or needles)

- Only approved controlled substances as listed in CSUA is being stored.

- Schedule II are segregated from Schedule III-V materials within the storage unit and are clearly labeled

- If there are any expired controlled substances?

- Inventory against usage logs and  review usage logs for discrepancies

CSP Missing and Spill Investigation

All employees who have knowledge of, or reasonably suspect, theft/significant loss of controlled substances, or alteration of records indicating drug loss must immediately report such information to the CSPO, the Pl, and/or lab supervisor.

The UCLA Institute of Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) conducts twice yearly inspections of all laboratories approved for animal research. This inspection includes a check of proper storage of controlled substances.

For more information on missing or spills and how to determine excessive loss visit our page: