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Disposal of laser systems or components should adhere to the following guidelines.

The steps are listed in order of preference on ways to dispose of a laser:

Step 1: Contact EH&S LSP Group

To discuss decommissioning plans, email

Step 2: Trade-In

Trade the obsolete laser to the new laser supplier/manufacturer.

Step 3: Transfer or Sell it to another Research Group

Campus departments can advertise their excess and surplus property (ESP) free of charge on the UCLA Dollar Saver site. Advertisements will appear for one month only, but can be renewed for another month with a written request.

Step 4: Return to the Manufacturer

Contact the Laser Manufacturer to see if they will take it back for disposal.

Some manufacturers will accept old lasers for recycling value or just as a service to users.

Step 5: UCLA’s e-waste recycling programs

Electronics and Appliances (E-Waste) Submit a Facilities Service Request (FSR) for pick-up

To Submit an FSR please visit