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Construction Site Storm Water Permit Policy

Purpose of Policy

To establish a procedure for construction projects to obtain stormwater construction permits.


As of March 2003, all construction projects greater than one acre in size are required to file a Notice of Intent (NOI) to comply with the State of California General Permit to Discharge Storm Water Associated with Construction Activity. Part of this requirement includes developing a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) for the construction site. The SWPPP will usually include a list of management practices, monitoring and inspection requirements.


Notice of Intent (NOI)

The Capital Programs Project Manager or designee will prepare and submit the NOI to the State Water Board along with applicable fee. A copy of the NOI will be submitted to UCLA Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S). EH&S will be available to assist the Project Manager.

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)

The contractor will write the plan. A copy will be submitted to EH&S for review. EH&S will submit any comments back to the contractor. A final version of the SWPPP will be submitted to EH&S.

Inspections and Monitoring per SWPP requirements

The contractor will be responsible for implementation of the SWPPP requirements and thus will be responsible for any inspections and monitoring. EH&S will provide quality assurance by conducting periodic inspections to confirm that the contractor is following the SWPPP and that the interests of UCLA as the property owner are being protected.


All bid documents and contracts will state that all fines or clean-up costs, as a result of non-compliance of permit conditions, will be covered by the contractor. EH&S has the authority to stop work for non-compliance of permit conditions.

Procedure for filling out the NOI

  • NOI status - List appropriate item.
  • Property Owner - Regents of UC should be listed as the owner and the Senior Project Manager should be listed as the contact person.
  • Developer/Contractor information - The developer or contractor should be listed here.
  • Construction Project Information - The site contact person should be the Project Manager and the site specific information should be filled in.
  • Billing information - List the Senior Project Manager for billing.
  • Regulatory Status - Fill out applicable information.
  • Receiving Water Information - List L.A. County storm sewer system.
  • Implementation of NPDES permit requirements - List requested information about SWPPP development and monitoring program. The person assigned to 'Monitoring Program" and "Permit Compliance Responsibility" should be a representative of the contractor.
  • Vicinity Map and Fee - Submit as required.
  • Certification - The Senior Project Manager should certify the NOI before it is submitted.

Environment, Health & Safety
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