UCLA Rapid Antigen Test and Mask Distribution

The UCLA Rapid Antigen and Mask Distribution operations is a separate program from the UCLA Emergency PPE Supply Store, if you have questions or comment for these orders please email: Ppe@ts.UCLA.edu

  • How to request Rapid Antigen Test and Mask Distribution Supplies
  • If you need specialized sizes please email us with you transaction number and explain you need. Ppe@ts.UCLA.edu

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    We are not able to process individual requests from students, staff, or faculty. Contact your department representative or supervisor for an individual request. 
  • Pick up and Deliveries 
  • Pick up location for UCLA Rapid Antigen Test and Mask Distribution 
    We are located on level 3 of Bradley Hall in Room 300C. The easiest way to access this area is to park in Parking Structure DD and then enter the main doorways facing the parking structure. Room 300C is immediately visible upon entrance. There is a parking space reserved for 10-minute loading immediately to the left upon entering Structure DD for PPE pickup. 


    Deliveries for UCLA Rapid Antigen Test and Mask Distribution 
    Delivery is available through Mail, Document, & Distribution Services (MDDS) with UCLA Mail Code and Recharge FAU. Campus Mail volume limitations may apply as determined by Mail Document Distribution Services (MDDS).
  • Use Information 
  • UCLA Medical Grade Instruction Flyer

    UCLA N95 Instructions Training Flyer

    How to Use Your Rapid Antigen Test- Video