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Holding Chemicals- items with limited information

Holding chemicals are materials tin which we need additional information to verify. When the contents of a container are unconfirmed, safe handling, storage, and disposal become difficult. A fee must be paid to have these materials analyzed and identified. A $75 per container charge (irrespective of the size of the container) is incurred for disposal.

Prevent the generation of holding chemicals by:

  -  Ensuring that all chemical containers are labeled 
  -  Periodically checking the labels for integrity
  -  Using full chemical names instead of abbreviations and symbols
  -  Disposing of unneeded materials

    How to prepare your holding container for disposal:

    1.  Visual inspect before handling, look for:

    •  Marks or symbols denoting hazardous characteristics 
    • Bulging and collapsing container
    • Crystal formation surrounding the lid or cap, within the bottle neck, and/or within the liquid 

    Do not move or open the container if crystal formation or bulging is evident, the material may have produced an unstable environment. 

    2.   Label container as "holding chemical", attached a hazardous WASTe tag label 

    • Never mix these chemical for any reason

    3.   Drop it off at the hazardous chemical waste pick-up location designated for your building, bring a completed P39 Recharge Form

    • Your lab manager, fund manager, or administrative unit for your department can assist you with completing a P39 Recharge Form