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UCLA EH&S Presents Distinguished Service Awards to EPTA

Anderson School of Business EPTA Awards

On December 13, 2017, Assistant Vice Chancellor Colin Dimock from UCLA’s Office of Environment, Health & Safety presented Distinguished Service Awards to the Emergency Preparedness Team at Anderson (EPTA) on behalf of Chancellor Gene Block, Administrative Vice Chancellor Michael Beck and Emergency Management Director Art Kirkland.

EPTA members with more than five years of safety service and training certification by the American Red Cross and Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) received Distinguished Service Awards, including: Tammy Baca-Montanez, Jennifer Banzon, Francesca Baugh, Joseph Boroumand, Paul Brandano, Linda Campbell, Laurie Carr, Theresa Cisneros, Leanna Cortez, Hannah Cowherd, Jonathan Daillak, Arturo Esparza, Mary Fleshood, Jose Garza, Dave George, Patty Gonzalez Johnson, Gordon Hill, Atsuro Kagawa, Rashida Kamal, Bonny Kim, Howard Kim, Dina Lee, George Lee, Julie Lindner, Manuel Macias, Armando Magana, Courtney Mannino, Jennifer McMillen, Claudia Olivares, Itze Ornelas, Delores Rhaburn, Donna Robinson, Cynthia Rueda, Gabriel Ruiz, Ruben Silva, Laurie Summers, Mark Taylor, Howard Titzel, Sara Tucker, Robert Villaverde, Carol Wang, Shi Zhang; and the Distinguished Leadership Award for Kimberly Eremic.

The EPTA was thrilled to receive City of Los Angeles Certificates of Recognition presented by Chief Deputy of Public Safety Gregory Martayan on behalf of Councilmember Paul Koretz. The team’s steadfast commitment to emergency preparedness and campus safety help make UCLA the premier institution that it is. Their community spirit has made the campus and our great City a safer place in which to work and learn.

Continuing benefits for EPTA volunteers include discovering new safety skills and self-confidence while exercising compassion for others. Members have said that to work in a nurturing environment that cares more about its people is not something that simply donating money can accomplish. This has been better realized when they come together and give the best of their time and their energy. Like most safety teams on campus, EPTA’s three-fold mission serves to protect the safety of students and employees; to safeguard all resources; and quickly resume normal operations after a major disaster. EPTA volunteers have overcome various challenges, including volunteer turnover, limited budgets and supervisors unwilling to support training / release time. Nevertheless, these men and women care deeply about the safety and health of their fellow Bruins and the team has grown stronger over the years.

Want to volunteer with your department? UCLA’s Office of Emergency Management revived the Warden Training Program in 2017. The program’s goal is to help make UCLA safer by recruiting and training Facility, Floor and Area Wardens to be empowered and civically engaged in the face of difficulties. For 2018, the UCLA Warden Program offers staff & faculty from all departments opportunities to volunteer their time to assist UCLA campus to resume to normal after a major disaster.   For more information regarding the Warden Program at UCLA and to join, please visit