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Sharps Contaminated with Chemicals

Handling and Disposal of Chemical Sharps:

Chemical Sharps are sharps contaminated with hazardous chemicals and includes: 

  • needles, wires, razor blades, scalpels, pipets, capillary tubes, etc.
  • contain residual trace amounts of extremely hazardous chemicals, consult the list of extremely hazardous wastes.
  • contain hazardous chemical amounts that are pourable or scrapable (visibly contaminated).
Accepted Not Accepted

We accept sharps only if they:

  • Are placed in a plastic or other hard-sided, puncture-proof sharp container that can be sealed closed.
  • Labeled (WASTe Tag) and dated with the date of drop off 
  • Dispose at the chemical waste pick-up for your building.

We will not accept the following:

  • Containers with free standing liquids  
  • Containers with infectious material 
  • Cardboard containers 
  • Red sharp containers or those with the words/symbols associated with biohazardous materials. 
  • Trace chemo