Self Drop-Off Areas for Medical Waste

Obtain security access to UCLA Medical Waste Accumulation sites through EH&S:

Locations Requiring Key (see below for how to Apply)

  • Terasaki (TLSB) loading dock
  • Engineering IV loading dock
  • Rehabilitation Center bunker

The issuance of a physical key to a Medical Waste Accumulation site requires completion and submission of the following two forms to Biosafety:

  1. Key Issuance Form
  2. Recharge Form for $10 for cost of the key

Locations Requiring Bruin Card Access

  • MRL loading dock
  • CHS B-loading dock
  • BSRB Loading dock

Go to MWA

Applications and instructions to obtain Bruin card access can be obtained here.

Contact your department or building coordinator for more information on waste accumulation sites not listed.