Self Drop-Off Areas for Medical Waste

To obtain security access to UCLA Medical Waste Accumulation sites through EH&S, users must have current training for Bloodborne Pathogens Training (required annually) and Medical Waste Management Training (required every 3 years) on WorkSafe and the following:

Requirements for Locations with Physical Key Access Requirements for Locations with Bruin Card Access
Terasaki (TLSB) loading dock
Engineering IV loading dock
Rehabilitation Center bunker

Submission of the following two forms to
1. Key Issuance Form
2. Recharge Form ($10 for cost of key - only required for 2nd key issued per lab)

MRL loading dock
CHS B-loading dock
BSRB loading dock

To obtain Bruin card access, you must
1. Complete an application through the MWA site

Contact your department or building coordinator for more information on waste accumulation sites not listed. 

More information on Handling Biohazardous and Medical Waste can be found in the Institutional Biosafety Plan: Chapter 19. If you need support with regular keycode emails, you can reach out to


Medical Waste Site Pickup Schedule

Waste is collected from all accumulation sites at UCLA at least once per week. Waste is usually collected from sites with a morning pickup time before 11:00am. If sites are overflowing or you have noticed a missed pickup contact us at to report the problem.  

Medical Waste site Buildings Served Pickup Schedule
BSRB loading dock BSRB, Life Sciences Mornings M - F
CHS B-loading dock CHS, Factor, JSEI, DSERC Semel, Reed  Mornings and evenings M - F
Engineering IV loading dock ENG IV, ENG V, ENG VI, Boelter Hall Mornings T, Th
MRL loading dock GONDA, MRL, NRB Mornings M, W, F
Rehabilitation Center bunker Rehab Mornings F
Terasaki loading dock TLSB Mornings M - F

For proper disposal using SafeShield Containers:

  • When 3/4 full or within 7 days, securely tie medical waste bag with overhand knot or gooseneck tie. Pretreat, if BSL2+.
  • Decontaminate transport container and transport to a Medical Waste Accumulation Site. 
  • Dispose bag in SafeShield Containers. Ensure all closure and/or locking mechanisms are engaged. Do not put loose sharps in these containers. Do not let bags stick out of containers.