Food Permit Frequently Asked Questions

  • When do I need a food permit?
  • When you are serving food to the general public in a public space (e.g. food sale or giveaway in Bruin Plaza)
  • I am serving light refreshments for a lecture, workshop, panel, or meeting. Do I need a food permit?
  • No, these events are considered private events and do not require a food permit.
  • I am providing food from a restaurant for a conference or other large event, but serving it to the attendees myself. Do I need a permit?
  • If the food servers wash their hands, wear gloves, and discard the food after 4 hours, then no permit is required.
  • Can I bring a food truck onto campus for my event?
  • Yes. For a food truck servicing your private event, contact the UCLA Fire Marshal’s office for parking location approval. For a food truck as a part of a larger event, contact ASUCLA for a list of pre-approved food trucks.