UC Chemicals Warning on Isopropanol

Dear UC Chemicals users,

Many of you have received warnings in the UC Chemicals system indicating that your isopropanol (also known as isopropyl alcohol) is a peroxide-forming chemical and has expired. Please be aware that EH&S does not consider isopropanol to be capable under normal handling and storage conditions of forming organic peroxides, and does not regulate it as such. While EH&S always recommends disposing of chemicals which you no longer need, you are not required to dispose of your isopropanol at this time.

EH&S Programs Awarded for Excellence

SOP Template Library, Laboratory Safety Program, Hazard Assessment Tool for Shops, and News & Notes newsletter awarded for excellence.

UCLA Office of Environment, Health and Safety has been honored by the Campus Safety Health and Environmental Management Association (CSHEMA), an international health and safety organization, in the past several years in recognition of our dedication to safety at UCLA.

UC Policies on Lab Safety

Find out how a change in UCOP policy regarding laboratory safety training and minors in labs and shops can impact you and your program.

As part of a system-wide effort to improve and implement best practices across all ten UC campuses, UCOP promulgated two new policies regarding laboratory safety. In most cases, the requirements outlined in both policies mirror current UCLA procedures.