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UC Policies on Lab Safety

Find out how a change in UCOP policy regarding laboratory safety training and minors in labs and shops can impact you and your program.

As part of a system-wide effort to improve and implement best practices across all ten UC campuses, UCOP promulgated two new policies regarding laboratory safety. In most cases, the requirements outlined in both policies mirror current UCLA procedures.

Laboratory Safety Training

This policy identifies minimum safety training requirements for individuals who actively perform work functions with hazardous materials or equipment in a laboratory or technical area.

Review the UC Lab Safety Training Policy Impacts Fact Sheet for specific instructions and guidance in complying with the changes.


Minors in Laboratories and Shops

This policy governs the presence of minors (individuals under 18 years of age) in any University laboratory or shop that uses various hazardous materials. This policy further prohibits minors under the age of 14 from entering laboratories except when participating in an approved and supervised tour.

EH&S has released the following mandatory forms and supporting documentation for minors (ages 14-18) and their parents/guardians to learn of the possible hazards and risks found in these areas: Release of Liability, Rules for Minors, and Minors Research Proposal

Principal Investigators (PIs) must maintain a copy of all documentation and ensure that minors receive appropriate laboratory and/or shop training prior to initiating work. In addition to the Laboratory Safety Fundamental Concepts (LSFC) course, additional training requirements may apply depending on the work that will be conducted in the laboratory and/or shop.

More information regarding this policy can be found on the UC Minors in Labs & Shops Policy Impacts Fact Sheet.