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Cylinders- Gases

We only accept lecture cylinders (12- 18" long and 2-3" diameter) containing or empty tanks that contained compress gasses such as propane. 

When Purchasing Cylinders: 

  • From manufactures that will take back both empty and partially empty cylinders whenever possible
  • Only purchase the amount you need so the cylinder can be disposed of as empty.
  • Refillable gas cylinders - such as those available through: 

       UCLA Cylinder Management

Cylinder Disposal Procedures (Lecture bottles only) 

Cylinders containing materials (lecture cylinders only) Empty Cylinders (lecture cylinders only) Large Cylinders

Label each container with a completed Hazardous WASTe Tag.  

If possible indicate how much material is remaining in the cylinder.

All partially full cylinders must have a proper valve cap prior to pick-up

These are cylinders were no material will escape if the valve is opened including butane and propane tanks.

Label each cylinder with a completed Hazardous WASTe Tag

Label tag as "empty - include the specific gas that was in the cylinder" and  write empty on the cylinder empty with a marker.

Contact one of the following:

UCLA Cylinder Management


Original vendor for return