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WASTe by Risk & Safety Solutions


Log on to Risk & Safety Solutions WASTe

What is WASTe?

WASTe is our waste accumulation storage tracking system that helps us facilitate the labeling, tracking, collection and shipping of hazardous waste. 

An individual that creates a hazardous waste tag is responsible for the material tag as waste until it is submitted to EH&S. All hazardous was must be submitted within 90 days.

You can log in to WASTe via email invitation when you added to a lab group or by logging on to RSS with your UCLA email, RSS will us the UCLA MFIA DUO to complete your log on.


Step 1: Select "Create a New Tag" 

Step 2: Select the button "Chemical"

Step 3: Enter your container information, you will need to know:

           Lab/Facility- this is your lab or facility name (i.e. PI's name or Center name)

           Accumulation Start Date:

               This is the date the first drop of "Waste" is placed into your container or once you identify your chemical as waste needed for disposal. 

               Waste must be turned within 90 days of this date

           Physical State, please note solid waste should not have any fluids

           Container Type

           Chemical Constituents: Enter the chemical(s) name and percentage(s) 

              Unsure look up the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for you chemical by vendor:

           Hazard Class (Check all that apply): This information is important for us to be able to sort and segregate materials at pick up. 

              This information is available on the SDS or can also be found on the bottles. 

              Chemical Hazard Classification (GHS)


              "In SAA" means in Satellite Accumulation Area, this is your lab where the waste is being accumulated temporarily

          Other ID

              You can use this as another form of ID that helps you identify it in your lab (i.e. Extraction Kit)

          Step 4: "Save and Print", you can also save the tag as a template for future use

Step 1: On the bottom left panel under “My Labs / Facilities”, select your Facility

Step 2: Select the "Manage Personnel and Preferred Locations" button to edit 

Step 3: At the bottom right corner there is a plus icon select to add new personnel, search by individual's last name

If the person you are trying to select does not come up in the search they will need to log on to RSS first before you add them or use the ‘Can't Find Person?’ link to invite users not found in search.

Step 4:  Once you have selected the correct person select their role and the inventory they need to access

You can use the similar steps to add and change locations, just select the locations tab on your right.

If you are not able to find your room please confirm you are selecting the correct building. The CHS complex is multiple building attached together you location may be assigned to Public Health or another building. BSRB and OHRC are often also mixed up.

Please note that the information in WASTe is connected to the data we receive from space inventory. 

If you still have difficulty finding a location email

The WASTe system will allow you to create the necessary waste tags for all the hazardous chemical waste containers in your lab. 

You will need to create a Group in the RSS application suite, for a tutorial visit: