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Paint & Art Supplies (Waste)

Please note this is only for waste paint & art supplies from UCLA affiliated locations. For Household waste, please go to LA City Sanitation website.

Materials Considered Non-Hazardous
The following can be disposed of in the normal trash:

    - Completely dry painting instruments, tarps and other items
    - Completely empty aerosol cans
    - Completely empty and dry paint cans
    - Completely empty paint thinner or solvent containers less than five (5) gallons

All other partially full paint, solvent or hazardous material containers should be disposed of through EH&S.

All paint waste must be collected in the paint waste collection drum located in your work area.
To request a collection drum or to coordinate delivery and retrieval Email: 

Paint Thinner and Other Solvents Waste
Dispose of in a paint collection drum
Do not disposed of down the drain or in the normal trash or evaporated. This includes any rinse material from cleaning brushes or other items contaminated with oil base paint.

Latex Paint Rinse Water 
Rinse water from cleaning brushes, rollers, and other items contaminated with latex paint, can be drain disposed as long as the paint does not contain heavy metals, lead or mercury. Most paints currently sold do not contain these materials, but if you suspect they do, check the container label or the safety data sheet (SDS). Contact EH&S for further help.


EH&S supplies waste collection drums for all work areas requiring them. To request a collection drum or to coordinate delivery and retrieval Email: 

 -  Once the drum is put into service label it with a Hazardous WASTe Tag.

 -  Keep your drum closed when not in use 

 -  Once the drum is 90% full or if 90 days have passed, contact EH&S to removal and replacement

 -  Even if the drum is not 90% full, it should not remain in a work area longer than 90 days.