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Research Applications & Authorizations

A full resource of all Authorizations and Applications that can be required for researchers at UCLA.

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  • Biological-use authorization
  • Biological-use Authorization (BUA) is required for all research and teaching activities involving materials described below and in the  Institutional Biosafety Plan (IBP):

    - Recombinant and synthetic nucleic acid molecules, as covered by the NIH Guidelines 

    - Infectious agents (bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and prions) that can cause disease in healthy humans and/or significant environmental or     agricultural impacts

    - Select agents and select toxins

    - Human and nonhuman primate materials (all fluids, tissues, excretions, secretions, primary cells or cell lines)

    - Genetically modified animals and whole plants

    At its discretion, the IBC (Institutional Biosafety Committee) may also review protocols involving

    - Animals or animal specimens known to be reservoirs/vectors of zoonotic diseases

    - Exotic and/or invasive plant species

  • Controlled Substance-use authorization

  • If your research involves the use of controlled substance visit our web page for how to get started 

  • Field Research

  • For fieldwork in remote locations - or hazardous work off campus - develop a field safety plan with site information and emergency procedures

    Visit out webpage for more information:

  • Laser Registration

  • New laser set-ups: all open beam lasers or embedded / enclosed laser systems with maximum power of 5mW or greater must be inventoried and registered with Matt Damron – Laser Safety Officer (LSO).

    Laser Use Guidelines

  • Radiation Use Authorization

  • All use of radioisotopes and radiation producing machines must be authorized by the UCLA Radiation Safety Committee.

    Please submit a protocol for review and approval through the SafetyNet portal. 
    - Radiation Use Authorization (RUA) - Materials & Machines

  • Research with Animals

  • Contact the ARC Office in order to receive access to the UCLA Research Application Tracking System (RATS). This will allow you to begin completion of an ARC protocol application. The ARC can assist you with getting started and can get you connected with the Division of Laboratory Animal Medicine (DLAM) for training, animal facility access, and other services.

  • Research with Humans

  • Research involving human subjects requires Institutional Review Board (IRB) review.

  • Training

  • Determine your training needs by using this lab safety training matrix. EH&S offers classroom and online training for the UCLA community, available in Worksafe, our online learning center.